About Me

My name is Kevin Beaugrand and I am a multimedia journalism and photography student. After I graduate from the University of North Florida, I would like a career that allows me to converge my creative writing and photography skills with my hunger for research and investigation.

I love to dive deeply into subjects and events that are important or emerging and absorb all of the available information so that I can synthesize original, thorough perspectives. Gaining complete knowledge of a subject enables me to write authoritative, independent articles that leave no stones unturned. I am pursuing a career in newsgathering, journalism or photography.

My ability to internalize great amounts of information allows me to excel in employment situations. I quickly become the go-to person to answer coworkers’ questions and one manager even referred to me as his team’s “subject matter expert.” My bosses are always thankful that I complete tasks thoroughly and accurately, and that I don’t shy away from tall orders.

My years of customer service experience have cultivated creative problem solving and conversational control skills. My decade of experience in a nationally touring band has allowed me to become comfortable performing under extreme pressure. As an independent artist, I know what it’s like to work tirelessly to achieve lofty goals.

I am skilled in various forms of social media including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and SnapChat. I have extensive experience with Microsoft Office software such as Word and Excel as well as Adobe Bridge, Photoshop and Premiere. I’m as comfortable in front of the camera as I am behind it, shooting photos and videos. As a tech-savvy learner, I can pick up most new systems and software within hours of first using them.

My greatest strength is my hunger. My hunger to change the place that I live in for the better. To improve the lives of my neighbors and friends. To hold those in power accountable who abuse their influence. To bring to light solutions to problems that seem impossible to fix. To potential employers, my desire to use my skills and passions to bring about positive change represents an incredible opportunity to add a driven, focused, eager member to their ranks.