I produced these video packages for Inside Jacksonville on CW17.

These links are to articles I wrote for UNF’s Spinnaker Media.

Jacksonville Beach City Council moves forward with plans to potentially close some restaurants at midnight

UNF gamers react to the Jacksonville Landing shooting

UNF professor collaborates to create a better world

Ponte Vedra Beach lawyer hopes to paint red District Four blue

These links are to articles I have written for class.

World Health Organization classifies ‘gaming disorder’ as a mental health condition

Nikki Fried’s campaign coffers loaded with cannabusiness donations

Kratom: Herbal Remedy or Dangerous Addiction

Position: Writer, narrator, interviewer, researcher, video editor, camera operator, lighting director

Description: This investigative news package was created for a Multimedia Reporting class at the University of North Florida. It’s about kratom, a dietary supplement that opiate addicts use to wean themselves off  hard drugs like heroin and fentanyl.

Read the written article here.

Social Media Users’ Perceived Credibility of Modern Media

Position: Researcher, interviewer, writer, survey administrator

Description: I designed and administered an online survey that compared how respondents rated the credibility of a selection of media samples to evidence that proved the samples either credible or incredible. The scores were then compared across several demographic fields including political affiliation, age and social media experience. My data and analysis are available to read here.

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